Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Woman who attended illegal North Shore lockdown party hits out at haters, defends actions

A woman who was caught on camera attending the wild illegal influencer lockdown party on the North Shore has defended her actions before making a plea to people to stop bullying her online.

The partygoer was caught on camera partaking in a range of inappropriate behaviour on Saturday night at a party with at least 50 people in attendance.

But before issuing a statement online, she took to social media to defend her actions after receiving a backlash online following her attendance.

In a video obtained by the Herald, the lockdown rule flouter hit out at people wanting her to get arrested, saying we will be “back in level 2 soon” and people should “do what” they “want to do”.

She also accused those who outed her of not thinking with their head, suggesting they will be the ones who get arrested.

“We’ll be back in level 2 soon. You need to think with your head. You guys want me to get arrested, you guys want me to be fined.

“Do you here (sic) what you’re saying? You’re saying that to yourself. You’re going to get arrested, you’re going to get mother f***ing fined bro,” she said.

She then deflects from her actions, telling viewers she makes no apology for attending the party before revealing there had been numerous other gatherings taking place.

“I’m no trying to act like this stuck up person stupid b****h … I ain’t taking the piss. I don’t need to explain myself. This is my platform and this is my brand.

“I just want to say there has been gatherings. Unfortunately there was videos of us at a party. If they weren’t leaked then god knows, you guys need to be smart over here.

“There are liquor stores open in lockdown. People are doing their own thing. No way someone is following 10 people rules. There’s families with more than 10 people. Do what you want to do.”

Following the release of her private video, she then took to Instagram to backtrack, saying she is “ashamed” of her actions and calling the decision to go a “major regret”.

“I am ashamed of the actions I took part in going to this party. I understand the community is angry as it was a selfish act and not right at all.

“Definitely a major regret as I’m not even the type to do stuff like that but it was a weak poor decision and I apologise deeply.”

The woman says she has been the victim of numerous death threats following the incident.

“Pls stop with the death threats no human deserves that.”

Her statement comes at the same time two models, who attended the event, were dropped by their agency.

Charlie Wilson was dumped by Verano Management, before model Jaydn McCarthy was also let go from KAM Talent.

Owner of KAM Talent, Kim Tiam, said she was shocked to hear what happened at the weekend and confirmed McCarthy had been axed from the company as a result,

“This irresponsible and reckless act has consequences.

“We do not condone his behaviour at all and have removed him from our agency as of today.

“We no longer represent this person.”

Verano said earlier today it was “dealing” with the situation involving Wilson and was “no longer representing” Wilson on its platform.

“We are aware of the current situation regarding one of our creators and are in the process of dealing with it.

“Thank you to those who alerted us to the incident.

“We are no longer representing @chxrlieWilsonn. We do not condone the events of the past 24 hours by anyone involved.

“Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. Stay home and stay safe.”

Meanwhile, director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield has spoken out following the party that has seen some influencers apologise and dozens more go to ground.

Bloomfield told TVNZ today that the scenes on Saturday night were “disappointing”, especially to those who have been following the rules.

He also labelled the actions of those who attended the party as “blatant”.

“It must be very disappointing for others in Auckland because they’ve been doing the hard yards for a couple of months,” said Bloomfield.

“There’s no doubt that people are tiring of the situation and that’s understandable, but there’s a difference to being tired … and something that is blatantly flouting.”

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