Crazed seagull gobbles man’s ear in horror street brawl outside café

A man had his ear bitten off during a vicious fight before the body part was eaten by a hungry seagull.

Eyup Celik, 29, said he lost the ear after he tried to defend a woman he claimed was being abused by her boyfriend at a cafe in Istanbul, Turkey.

Now he's taking his opponent to court after accusing him of scarring him for life – but his opponent's lawyer has blamed the seagull for Celik's injuries, claiming surgeons could have reattached it if it were not for the peckish bird.

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The fight broke out in 2016 when Celik interfered in a row between Danyal Tolgahan Alparslan and his girlfriend.

Alparslan has admitted to biting Celik's ear off after turning himself into police, but claims the gruesome act was self-defence.

He said: "We were sitting in the cafe with my girlfriend at the time of the incident, and there was an argument between us.

"We moved away from the cafe a little bit so as not to disturb the people in the cafe.

"We continued to argue verbally, while Eyup Celik, who I did not know before, was watching us with ice cream in his hand."

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Alparslan said he confronted Celik, asking whether something was wrong, before the altercation broke out.

"He said to me, 'Don't confuse me with the girl next to you,' and pushed me by holding my chest," Alparslan continued.

"Meanwhile, my shirt was torn, there was a fight between us and we fell to the ground together.

"He started to press on my face with his head, so I bit it to get rid of it."

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German national Alparslan said it was only later that he realised he had bitten off his opponent's ear. He also claimed people supporting Celik threw "chairs and slippers" as the wounded fighter withdrew from the brawl.

Both parties have since filed complaints against each other – one lawsuit was filed against Eyup Celik for simple injury followed by a countersuit against Alpaslan Seyrek for "injuring with a permanent scar on the face".

The case is ongoing.

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