Dad turns in own teenage son after suspecting he murdered his girlfriend

A teen has been arrested after his dad told Brazilian cops he suspected the boy had murdered his girlfriend.

Paulo Eduardo Scravonatto, aged 19, was taken in by police after his dad, whose identity was not released, thought he killed Joana Fabris Deon, also 19, in the city of Bento Goncalves located in the Brasilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Local media reported the grim crime happened on Saturday 17 July, after which Scravonatto had called his father claiming that Joana was wounded and needed to be urgently raced to a doctor.

The young man claimed Joana was shot by brutal street thugs after she stood up against them when they tried to rob her.

Scravonatto and his father then took the woman to the nearby Tacchini Hospital, where she soon died after from her injuries, whilst the 19-year-old man was released after telling his version of the story to the cops.

But according to Chief Deise Salton Brancher and Head of Specialized Police Stations on Assistance to Women (DEAMs), the father came back to the police station later during the day and claimed his son was the one who murdered the woman instead.

Police and Military Intelligence investigators then went to Scravonatto's house, where they witnessed the crime scene and seized a gun, which allegedly belonged to him.

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The officers then questioned the suspect again, who then allegedly changed the story and claimed he accidentally shot the victim.

However, after his dad gave another statement confirming his previous assumptions, Scravonatto was arrested on the basis of femicide and is currently awaiting trial.

Chief Brancher said: "It's a very delicate situation, which involves family members of both the victim and the suspect, because we have a mother and father who lost a daughter.

"But we also have a father who acted correctly and alerted the police of his own son's actions."

Meanwhile Joana's family denied a possible connection between Scravonatto and the victim, however according to the Chief the two were very "intimate and affectionate" towards each other.

The police reported that a more detailed investigation will follow.

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