Death of Putin critic shrouded in mystery as he suffers devastating fall

Mystery surrounds the tragic death of a top American businessman who made his fortune in Russia before opening a luxury nightclub and becoming a huge critic of evil Vladimir Putin.

American stockbroker Dan Rapoport’s lifeless body was found on the floor of a pavement in Washington D.C. with lethal blunt force injuries after he fell from a deadly height from a nearby building.

The 52-year old’s untimely death sparked suspicions of involvement from the bloodthirsty Russian President, who is known to crack down on any dissent in a brutal manner.

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Rapoport, who had been very vocal in his support for Putin’s arch enemy Alexei Navalny, had lived in Russia and made eye-watering sums of money before later moving to Kyiv and then onto America.

He bravely told media: “It has really become unbearable to live in Russia. We are all now dependent on one ruler.

“If this person decides that you will give birth to his child, then you will give birth, and if he decides to put you in prison, then you will serve time.”

Cops who arrived on the scene found his corpse in flip-flops with more than £2,000 in cash and a cracked cell phone, reports Radio Free Europe.

An investigation followed with a medical examiner’s report declaring the tycoon had died of “multiple blunt force injuries due to fall from height”.

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It labelled the tragedy as “sudden/unexplained” and added that the manner of his death was “undetermined.”

Findings released yesterday (Wednesday, November 16) confirmed that his death was due to falling from a height but did not explain the circumstances that led to his fatal plummet.

Washington cops had previously declared that they did not suspect foul play and said they had responded to a call of a “jumper” on the evening of August 14, when Rapoport was declared dead after being taken to hospital.

His pals have said they don't believe he would have committed suicide, and exact confirmation of the surrounding circumstances is yet to be released.

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