Denver breaks snowless streak Friday, recording 0.3 inches of snow

Denver’s days as a snowless tropical paradise are over, and if you’ve forgotten what the powdery stuff all over the city is, it is indeed snow.

After 232 days of no snow reported, Denver International Airport reported 0.3 inches of snow on Friday, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder. That’s enough to end the second-longest snowless streak in city history.

The longest snow-free streak in Denver was in 1887 when the Mile High City went 235 consecutive days without snow. But records from back then are not as good for various reasons. Since the city’s official measurement station was moved to Stapleton Airport in 1948, the longest streak was 211 days, which happened in 1992 and 1977.

Not only has Denver shattered the modern record, the mark for the first snowfall of the season has also been smashed. The old measuring stick was Nov. 21, set in 1934. The new record is 19 days longer.

The snow-free start to winter was highly unusual for Denver, which gets more powder than just about any major city in the country.

The small amounts of snow in Denver were rivaled by some areas in the mountains that got up to two feet of fresh powder.

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