Denver Post honors top journalists

Investigative reporter David Migoya was recognized Friday as the Denver Post’s journalist of the year.

“Making our community a better place, righting what is wrong, uncovering what is hidden, having an impact. These are our core values and I can’t imagine another journalist in Colorado has had the impact Dave has over the last two years,” Denver Post Editor Lee Ann Colacioppo said.

Among the work cited:

Shrouded Justice. Migoya illustrated the breadth of a problem that as his story said, allowed a person to “be arrested, charged, convicted and sent to prison in Colorado without anyone seeing why, how or where, and whether the process was fair.”  Rules regarding transparency of suppressed cases changed this spring as a result.

Metro Districts: Debt and Democracy. In this series, Migoya showed how property owners in metro districts are saddled with debt they cannot repay and how difficult it is for them to realize what they face ahead of time. The legislature this year passed a reform bill.

The Colorado Supreme Court. As a result of  Migoya’s ongoing reporting, investigators are looking into allegations that a $2.5 million contract was given to silence a tell-all sexual discrimination lawsuit. Investigators will also examine the Judicial Department’s overall work environment.

The Post gave three other major awards:

The Editors Choice award went to reporters Jessica Seaman and Meg Wingerter for their coverage of the pandemic. One of the letters nominating them for an award put it perfectly: “Throughout the pandemic, their stories have kept us up to date about the latest COVID-19 information, illustrated the heart-wrenching realities this disease has wrought on our communities, provided needed context in scary times, offered hope, held officials accountable and, likely, saved lives by keeping people informed.”

Reporter Saja Hindi and Deputy Sports Editor Matt Schubert tied for the Colleen O’Connor Coworker of the Year award. The award is named for a beloved former Denver Post employee who was killed by a drunk driver in 2016. The award recognizes a person who makes work life better.

Digital Strategist Tynin Fries won the “I (heart) Readers” award for her outstanding efforts to connect with Denver Post readers online. Barb Ellis, an editor who works with features content, was the runner-up, with judges singling out her work on behalf of our print readers.










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