Denver weather forecast: Colder weather is here to stay

The warm weather from the beginning of the week is over, and cold weather is here to stay at least through next week.

Most of the days will be sunny, but all except one day has highs in the 30s and 40s.

Thursday’s high is 47 degrees, and as Thursday night’s low drops to 21 degrees, a slight 20% chance of snow is possible before midnight. The snow is falling in the mountains around Interstate 70, but dry air in the Denver metro area could keep the snow away.

Thursday will also be windy, with gusts reaching up to 18 mph.

Friday will return to sunny weather with a high of only 41 degrees, and the winds from Thursday will mostly die down for some calm weather. The low Friday is 22 degrees.

Temperatures Saturday will warm up slightly to a high of 51 degrees, but the low will drop down to 26 degrees. Sunday’s high will be 46 degrees, then Monday will start the next work week with a chilly high of only 35 degrees.

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