Design competition ‘Winter Stations’ open at Woodbine Beach

For the past six years in the middle of winter, the design competition called “Winter Stations” has brought a “pop” of public art to The Beaches.

This year, four designs out of 273 submissions were selected by the Winter Stations design jury.

The theme for 2020 is “Beyond the Five Senses.” Organizers raised enough funds to feature four international installations.

“We collect money and we build as many stations as we can afford,” said Aaron Hendershott, organizer of the not-for-profit “Winter Stations”

“Mirage” by Christina Vega and Pablo Losa features a large circular structure designed to mimic the movements of the sun.

“Kaleidoscope of the Senses” incorporates the existing lifeguard chair on the beach —-inviting visitors to hear, smell and touch.

“The Beach’s Percussion Ensemble” by students at Centennial College, consists of three structures— formed from a series of stacked, wooden, rectangular prisms — including steel drums and bells.

“Noodle Feed” by iheartblob is another interactive work which allows visitors to physically move the “noodle” to create unique shapes.

Beaches – East York councillor Brad Bradford was one of the jurors who selected the winning submissions.

“I like the stations that are bright and full of colour and really draw attention to the beach,” he said.

Winter Stations will remain along Woodbine Beach until March 30, 2020.

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