Diner customer slams £8 fry-up breakfast ‘not fit to give your dog’

A man has slammed a £8 breakfast at a Scottish takeaway as a “false advertisement” after claiming his meal was not fit to“give to your dog”.

The customer posted an image of a lonely fry up on social media after he received it via delivery last week in Edinburgh.

The 40-year-old man opened the box to find “an egg made of rubber”, along with a sausage, a piece of bacon, black pudding and a small tub of beans.

He also complained that not only was the amount not substantial enough but that his breakfast was cold, reports EdinburghLive.

The man also ordered two cans of Irn Bru and a crusty roll from a takeaway to accompany his breakfast.

In the post, the man said: “Charged me £8 for this, the egg was like rubber and the rest was cold. Won’t be back and I’d advise others to stay clear.

“The main crime committed here is false advertisement.”

His post about his meal was met with backlash with even the takeaway itself calling the disgruntled customer “fat and 40” after he described their food as not fit to “give to your dog”.

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The takeaway continued by saying: “I don't think any amount of food would fill you.”

A fan of the takeaway then claimed the man’s review was “definitely fake” and alleged his ‘agenda’ was “bang out of order” and he was “slandering a small business”.

After being confronted on social media, the customer responded: “I swear to god my only “agenda” was to have a fry up while I was nursing a hangover.

“Left a bad review and the owner or whoever he is started giving me dogs abuse.

“To be given abuse by someone who is clearly attached to [the] business is really unprofessional and to be honest bang out of order.”

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