Disturbing case of ‘Mr Hands’ who died after having sex with stallion horse

A man died who died after having sex with a horse on camera on a farm where bestiality was legal.

Aircraft engineer Kenneth Pinyan, 45, was filmed having the sick tryst with a stallion in 2005 which fatally damaged a part of his large intestine and led to acute peritonitis.

James Michael Tait took the disturbing footage of his pal Pinyan who went by, Mr Hands, as part of a twisted group of zoophiles in Enumclaw in the US state of Washington.

With Pinyan dead and Tait only charged with trespassing, the state swiftly outlawed sex with animals.

Charles Mudede was one of the writers behind the 2007 documentary "Zoo", based on the men's bizarre tumbles with farm animals.

In 2015, Mr Muded told Vice News: "Everyone in Enumclaw is very close to horses. It's a quiet, rural suburb with a view of the mountains.

"Everyone is a horse person, and as you know, the town included all types of horse worship. It was a place where you could f*** horses, and no one could tell.

"The line was difficult to differentiate between passion and zoophilia unless you were caught. If Pinyan didn't die, those guys he hung out with would still be f****** horses today and no one would have suspected anything.

"It was a paradise for a horse f*****. I'm sure they were so angry because they must have thought, 'We had it so good!'"

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Pinyan from Seattle died on July 2 2005 after suffering from acute peritonitis, which is an inflammation of the tissue that lines the inner wall of the abdomen, Seattle News reported in 2005.

Authorities traced Pinyan back from the Enumclaw Community Hospital to the farm he had travelled from, using traffic CCTV.

The horrific injury was caused by a stallion he and Tait nicknamed "Big D***", who perforated Mr Hands' colon at the 40-acre farm. Investigators found hundreds of hours of videos showing men having sex with horses.

Pinyan's purchase of the horse the same year reportedly came as a surprise to his family.

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Washington State passed its first bestiality bill in 2006, prohibiting sexual conduct with an animal that had previously allowed the likes of Pinyan and Tait to have their way with horses.

The violation was instated as a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 (£7,000) fine.

Mr. Hands' death sent shockwaves across the so-called zoophilia community where people share a bestiality fetish, Mr Mudede told Vice News.

He said: "I think the truth is that they lost a lot: stability, a weekend vacation getaway place, something to look forward to. They lost a community.

"When the death happened, they were exposed. They were looked at, they were investigated. It was a major disruption!"

Unbelievably those who the journalist interviewed in the making of "Zoo", suggested Mr Hands was just not strong enough to take being penetrated by his horse "Big D***".

Mr Mudede added: "I got an impression that they thought Mr Hands was a bit of a weakling. He was an intellectual, he worked for Boeing as an engineer.

"They could take a horse-f***** and not have to go to the hospital. He was effete and new to it. They thought he ruined it. If he wasn't so self-destructive, they'd still be f****** horses on weekends."

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