Dog fight brewing over unauthorized memorial in Surrey park for popular pooch

There’s a dog fight brewing in Surrey over the future of a small memorial in Tynehead Regional Park.

At the centre of the dispute is an engraved stone bearing the name “Jack.”

It was placed in an out-of-the-way part of the park’s off-leash dog area more than a decade ago, when Jack was chased into traffic by a coyote.

Jack’s owner, John, a part of a tight-knit group of dog owners who frequented the park, has since passed away after losing his own battle with cancer.

“John wouldn’t come down for about a week,” a friend who identified herself only as Barb told Global News.

“And when we finally talked him into coming down, the stone was placed and he stood in the rain, because it was pouring rain — just crying, he was so touched.”

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