Dog ‘gives owner heart attack’ after eating red fruit and falling asleep

A cheeky dog has given her owner a "heart attack" when she put on an Oscar-worthy performance with convincing props.

Video of Coco the golden retriever went viral after the owner shared the heart-stopping moment on Chinese social media app Douyin, amassing 3.1 million likes.

In the short clip, the owner, from the city of Guangzhou in southeastern China, finds Coco lying against a concrete wall with blood-like stains on her snout and on the floor.

The dog refuses to flinch and waits for her owner approach.

Fearing the pooch might be dead, the panic-stricken owner slowly walks towards Coco and suddenly, the animal wakes up and looks at her owner.

Later he found out Coco had eaten the exotic dragon fruit and the juice got smeared on her fur coat.

The owner wrote: "Sorry, I thought you are… I apologise now!"

Viewers were left in stitches when they realised the golden retriever was playing dead and fooling the owner.

One commented: "I nearly cried, thank God Coco is not dead!"

A second wrote: "You can tell how much she loves eating dragon fruit, she ate half of it!"

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  • "Coco came back to life, this is amazing," a third added. "The dog's reaction is gold."

    The owner later shared a video of Coco munching on the dragon fruit and explained: "This is Coco's favourite!"

    Last March, a dog owner got fooled by his Corgi when he found the pooch lying in a "pool of blood".

    The mischievous pet dozed off in the kitchen after eating a red-coloured jam.

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