Dog’s bizarre sleeping position next to ‘normal’ pooch has Reddit users creasing

A video of the "two types of dog" has gone viral on Reddit after two pooches were filmed sleeping next to each other – with one four-legged friend not looking right at all.

In the clip, a sofa can be seen with – mysteriously – some furry black legs sticking out into the air from behind it.

Moving in closer, an ordinary dog can be seen relaxing in a pet bed with a favourite toy nearby, wagging its tail happily when it recognises its owner.

Next to it, a black dog is lying on its back with its legs pointing straight up into the air and, when the dog-lover zooms in on its face, the pooch stares straight down the lens with a wild look in its eyes.

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The owner shared the video on Reddit with the caption: "There are two types of dogs."

With more than 32,000 upvotes since it was posted a day ago, the clip has gone viral and animal fans were quick to comment on the strange behaviour of the black dog.

"There are two types of dogs… you have type three," joked one user.

Meanwhile, a second viewer said: "Oh, you have a purebred Goofball? Nice."

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"Only post here so far that has actually made me laugh damn hard," said a third commentator appreciatively.

Although the black dog was described as "broken" by some Reddit users, others claimed that their own beloved pooches had exactly the same quirk.

"This is weird though because my Aussie is notorious for sleeping with his legs up like that," said a dog-lover.

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Someone else wrote: "My Great Dane sleeps like that. Sometimes I have to move my head because she’ll straight up smack me with her giant paws."

This comes after a cat waiting for adoption was filmed sleeping with its mouth wide-open and its face pushed against the glass.

The poor moggy was sarcastically described as "noble and dignified" for its unintentionally hilarious snooze.

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