Dramatic footage shows blogger running for shelter when Russian missile strikes

A Ukrainian blogger has amazingly escaped death after a missile flew above him during a livestream casting rubble down onto the spot he had just vacated.

Nikita Demenkov was updating his fans while staying in Ukraine's second-largest city, Kharkiv, close to the border with Russia, when a missile exploded overhead.

In the video he shared on Instagram, he was telling his viewers where he spent the donations but he was interrupted by a loud sonic boom.

Nikita looked up and seconds later, the building was hit by the missile and he started sprinting away while rubble and bricks started raining on him.

"Down! Down! Down!" he shouted.

According to the Guardian, he survived after finding a shelter in a nearby basement.

His video was shared by ABC News reporter on Twitter who wrote: "Intense video from March 2 shows Nikita Demenkov in Kharkiv, Ukraine, recording a video diary on his phone.

"He's interrupted by an explosive projectile landing nearby as the area came under heavy shelling. He survived, but wow, how scary!"

In Melitopol, southern part of the country, a group of civilians walked up to the street to confront the Russian troops, asking them to "go home".

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They were faced with warning shots fired from the soldiers.

Another group of demonstrators surrounded a Russian armoured vehicle in an attempt to push back the vehicle.

On Thursday, Russia's Education Ministry held a 50-minute "open lesson" online to advocate young children on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The programme saw a 12-year-old girl asking her co-host why it is important to know about "world peace".

She was told by the adult presenter that some videos circulating online are taken from computer games and said it is important to know why it is "necessary" to have a war.

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