Drug cartel assassins in killer clown masks give rivals chilling 48-hour warning

Assassins from a deadly drug cartel have appeared in a video wearing killer clown masks and fake police costumes as they threaten a rival gang.

The video comes from one of two drug gangs warring in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They threaten a group led by Max Alí Alegre, also known as Alicho, and tell all residents of the city's Villa 9 de Julio neighbourhood to make themselves scarce.

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A robotic voice is heard saying: "Villa 9 de Julio residents, we inform you that if in 48 hours the organisation of Max Ali Alegre and 'Gordo' Blas Gómez do not leave Villa 9 de Julio, they are going to be killed with gunfire.

"We inform you not to leave your homes, since the territory has an owner and this organisation has taken over without any paperwork involved."

The video ends with the men loading their high-calibre weapons.

Police sources told Infobae the men in the clip belong to a gang ran by Javier 'El Rengo' Pacheco, a drug lord in the San Martin district who was arrested in May 2021.

They added this appears to be an attempt from El Rengo to regain the ground he lost to Alicho and Gordo following his arrest.

Authorities rushed to the area in question as soon as they became aware of the clip, carrying out a preventative operation in a bid to prevent any bloodshed.

Armed conflict between El Rengo's gang and the one led by Alicho and Gordo is nothing new.

In July 2021, just after El Rengo's arrest, police officer Ricardo Ariel González was assassinated. A message written in red and left next to the body read: "Rengo Pacheco 10 million for me, here's your 10 million, sincerely, San Martín."

It is thought it was a threat from Alicho and Gordo to El Rengo.

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