Drunk mum orders horse to kick kids laughing at her urinating at petrol station

A drunk mum ordered her horse to attack children who laughed at her as she squatted for a wee outside a petrol station.

Rebecca Dawn Parnell, 31, mounted her horse after an evening of drinking rum and cokes for a ride to Proserpine BP in the Queensland Whitsundays, Australia on May 26.

The mother-of-three hoped to use the station loos but when unable to, she chose a patch of grass as the next best thing.

Embarrassingly, Parnell fell off her horse as she dismounted, leaving a group of onlooking kids in hysterics.

According to the MailOnline, she yelled at them: "Come here you f****** little c****, let's f****** fight."

Riled up by the mockery, Parnell tried making her horse kick at the children to scare them off, but in a costly blunder her powerful pet hoofed a parked car.

The Courier Mail reports the damage left behind totalled $2,500 (£1,360) worth of damage.

When police officers arrived at the petrol station at about 9pm, Parnell blasted at them: "I don't give a f*** if you arrest me, I'm drunk."

Proserpine Magistrates Court heard on Monday that the stay-at-home mum behaved in an "extremely aggressive" manner as resisted arrest and was locked up overnight in a padded cell.

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson told how Parnell was so drunk that it was a struggle for her to even stand up unaided.

The horse rider pleaded guilty to a string of charges including being a public nuisance, driving in charge of a horse under the influence and obstructing police.

Defending Solicitor Peta Vernon argued that the youngsters who laughed at Parnell's outdoor toilet trip had previously trespassed on her property, The Courier Mail reports.

Ms Vernon also told the court that alcohol made her client's mental health issues even worse.

Magistrate Ron Muirhead admitted the horse charge was one you "don't see very often".

Parnell was hit with $2,500 in fines, and must pay the owner of the damaged car $2,500 for repairs.

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