Drunk racist woman’s outlandish ‘phobia’ excuse for abusing Wetherspoons doorman

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A woman who was sent to prison for screaming racist abuse at a Wetherspoons bouncer has claimed she did it because her phobia forced her to get drunk in public.

Distressing footage of Sharna Walker, 25, went viral on social media back in May after she was filmed calling doorman Tristran Price a 'black c***' and a 'f***ing n*****' in front of a stunned crowd of people.

She then spat the bouncer towards the end of the confrontation at outside the Figure of Eight on Broad Street in Birmingham, which began when she was asked to leave the pub for being "rowdy".

Walker, from Worcester, was sentenced to 14 weeks imprisonment at Birmingham Magistrates' Cout on Monday for racially aggravated assault and criminal damage. She burst into tears as guards cuffed her.

Now it has emerged that her defence in court included a claim that Walker suffers from agoraphobia — a phobia characterised by a fear of open or public spaces — led her to consume too much alcohol and caused the assault.

Her defence solicitor Judith Kenney told the court: "It is fair to say she is suspicious of men generally, regardless of colour. The reality is she was not meant to be out drinking.

"It is not ladylike; she couldn't believe she acted in that way. This is behaviour is nothing she's proud of."

A victim impact statement written by Mr Price was read to the court, and said:

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"This incident made me feel very small and worthless and embarrassed.

"I was very uncomfortable at work afterwards and felt like other people witnessing the incident were staring at me"

"I was so upset, I shared the footage on social media on Instagram."

It was also revealed that Mr Price — a devout 'godfearing' Christian — had withdrawn his support for the prosecution case because he did not want Walker to be further impacted by the widespread outrage.

District Judge John Bristow concluded Walker was a "risk to the public" and the appropriate punishment could only be achieved by immediate custody.

He said: "This truly shocking language has no place in the UK and any right-thinking member of the community would be utterly repelled by it."

In addition to her sentence she was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to Mr Price, and was barred from the from the Figure of Eight for two years unless the landlord gives her clear permission to attend.

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