Drunk Russian soldier detonates grenade at party after returning from Ukraine

Several women and children defied death after a drunk Russian soldier let off a hand grenade at a house party after returning from a warzone.

Doctors had to treat shrapnel wounds caused by dim-witted 34-year-old Kirill P who had returned home from invading Ukraine.

According to Russian media, the volunteer soldier set off the explosive while drunk at someone's home in Krasnodar, southern Russia on Sunday (February 26) night.

Wasted Kirill was reportedly arrested and charged with illegally possessing weapons after police found and defused a second explosive at his home.

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Telegram channel Ostorozhno Novosti reported that he brought back the explosive devices from the frontlines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kirill P. isn’t the only serviceman who has embarrassed his country since Russia invaded Ukraine over a year ago.

The Daily Star reported on a leaked video showing the deputy commander of Russia’s armed forces dancing around naked to music.

Lieutenant General Alexander Matovnikov, the 57-year-old deputy commander of Russian ground forces, was seen throwing his towel off and dancing around what appears to be a hotel room in an excruciating 44-second long clip.

The “naked general”, as he’s now been dubbed, was rumoured to be more interested in chasing women than leading the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War Two.

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Lt. Gen. Matovnikov was also blamed for security failures that led to a £274 million Russian spy plane being severely damaged by Belarusian political dissidents on Sunday (February 26).

The group were reported to have used drones to cause huge damage to the front and central parts of the wildly expensive plane, as well as its radar and flight instruments.

The plane is understood to have flown just six missions to Ukraine before it was hit with the drone attack.

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