Elle Brooke gives bloke slurp of ‘very cold’ lager poured from cleavage

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    OnlyFans star and boxer Elle Brooke has given a lucky bloke a slurp of beer poured in his mouth from her cleavage.

    In the first part of her YouTube show Love At First Kiss, Elle invited a number of different TikTok stars to come and share a kiss with her.

    Writing about what the show is about in the description for episode one on YouTube, Elle said: “I invited a group of TikTok's most notorious creators to share a passionate kiss with me. Let's just say it did not go to plan…”

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    For her seventh kiss of the episode, Elle took on a kiss with a TikToker called Chef Dave.

    “I can’t remember the last time I [saw] you, was it at boxing?” Chef Dave says.

    Chef Dave then admits that, while his own boxing exploits haven’t been overly successful, Elle has enjoyed greater success.

    “Yeah well you pretty much did what you’re doing now on the day of boxing,” she says, pointing to his opened can of Bud Light.

    “I had three pints of beer and two double shots before the match,” he admits.

    Then, when Elle asks him how the beer is, he says, “I wouldn’t mind having a quick sip out of there if that’s alright?” before moving the tinny towards Elle’s chest.

    As she slides the can down her cleavage, Dave asks: “Is it cold enough?”

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    “It’s very cold,” Elle responds.

    Then, leaning forward Elle tips herself – and the can – forward towards the open mouth of Chef Dave, who waits below the forthcoming cascade of low-strength lager.

    “Am I low enough?” Elle asks.

    With an awkward to and fro, some of the beer eventually falls out of the tin and into his mouth – and a fair bit onto the floor and his chin.

    Dave then plucks his can out of Elle’s cleavage and she says “that was fun".

    “That was a new one for me,” he adds.

    The two then share a very friendly kiss followed by a hug and he's on his way.

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