EU row about to explode as top nations vow to rebel over new migrant quota plans

The EU interior ministers will convene on Thursday to deliberate on a reform of the EU asylum system. The objective is to revitalise the system with the aim of managing the influx of refugees, including safeguarding the EU’s external borders, expediting asylum procedures, and ensuring fair distribution. However, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Belgium are reportedly against the reforms.

According to German newspaper Bild the reforms to the EU asylum system, which are set to be proposed on June 8 in Luxembourg, are being pushed back by several EU states.

Poland refuses to accept a financial levy per migrant and rejects the concept of a predetermined minimum number of refugees for redistribution. 

Hungary and the Czech Republic, on the other hand, reject the entirety of the proposed reforms. 

Hungary perceives the EU asylum reform as nothing more than a fresh encouragement for migration, while Belgium holds the conviction that the proposed rules are insufficient to address the challenges faced at the EU’s external borders.

Greece, Cyprus, and Malta have raised objections to assuming the role of primary entry states for migrants for a duration of three years, whereas the previous Dublin rule limited this responsibility to one year. 

Greece has explicitly characterised this issue as a potential “deal breaker,” indicating that it has the potential to derail the entire agreement.

However, Austria and Germany are continuing to push for harsher lines in order to get the flow of refugees under control.

Austria’s Interior Minister Gerhard Karner told Bild: “Only with a common solution can we prevent people from taking their unfortunately too often deadly path for economic reasons.”

He added: “This ranges from a functioning border protection, to rapid procedures at the EU external borders, to the discussion of procedures in safe third countries.”

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German lawyer and politician Alexander Throm stated that there is a need for “a solution” that relieves Germany.

He warned: “Because our country already accepts by far the most asylum seekers in the EU.

“I fear that Mrs Faeser wants an agreement at all costs. However, a binding distribution of refugees among all states is needed. 

“No one should be allowed to buy themselves free for little money.”

German politician Erik Marquardt added: “But we must not give up. Instead of hoping for an overall package, we should consider a new strategy with smaller steps.”

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