Evil child killers who claim to be haunted by the souls of their young victims

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Do the lost souls of murder victims come back to haunt the living…and their killers? Or is their guilty conscience simply playing tricks on them?

In some shocking slayings, innocent children who were brutally killed appear to have come back as ghosts to haunt their twisted murderers and members of the public. Guilt-ridden criminals have confessed to their families, their lawyers and other inmates once put behind bars.

In this eerie list the Daily Star reveals the child killers who claim the ghosts of the innocent have lingered around them, serving as a reminder of what they've done years after the act.

Jon Venables

Jon Venables was just 10 when he and Robert Thompson abducted and murdered two-year-old James Bulger in 1993.

According to the documentary titled, James Bulger: The New Revelations, Venables was so tormented by the spirit of his innocent victim that he could detect a "baby smell" on every item of clothing he wore to the murder trial.

Once he returned from court 10-year-old Venables would immediately strip off his clothes saying: “I can smell James like a baby smell" and would ask “Do you think baby James is there in the courtroom?” according to the documentary James Bulger: The New Revelations.

Venables and Thompson became the youngest convicted murderers in Britain for 250 years and it was recommended they remained locked up for eight years.

Both were released under strict conditions in 2001 and given new identities, but Venables kept falling foul of the law and was put behind bars once again for horrific crimes.

Mark Bridger

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Mark Bridger spent his days drinking, watching pornographic videos, and looking at indecent images of children, according to Listverse.

But on one night in 2012, he came across five-year-old April Jones, who he managed to persuade to get into his car and never seen again.

Forensic experts found fragments of Jones's blood and some fragments of bones in Bridger’s house.

Police believed that he sexually assaulted the child before he killed her and scattered her body parts and he was convicted by the jury.

During his life sentence, his inmate claims the paedophile is still tormented by visions of the little girl.

The inmate's statement, which was included in court papers that were never made public, said: "He told me that he thinks he has been visited by a ghost at night. He believes this ghost to be that of April Jones, who is brought to him by another male ghost. When he has told me about the ghosts Bridger has been visibly upset."

Raymond Leslie Morris

Raymond Leslie Morris kidnapped four young girls ranging in ages from 5-9 and strangled three of them to death in a wooded area in Cannock Chase, West Midlands. Only one of the children survived.

Their bodies were dumped and police launched a manhunt for the killer.

Once caught, he was charged with murder and spent the rest of his life in prison until he died on March 11 2014, at the age of 84.

However, visitors to Cannock Chase have reported seeing various ghost sightings of “black-eyed children” which witnesses believe are the spirits of his victims.

One person allegedly heard a little girl’s giggle and saw a young girl but her eyes were black, the Sun reports.

Michelle Mason, who visited the woods with her two sons made a spooky discovery after she caught on camera a ghostly figure of a little girl holding a hula hoop.

Jose Ferreira

Jose Ferreira was charged in 2015 with the slaying of Carie Ann Jopek, 13, confessed after e pushed her down the stairs and "had his way" with her body in 1982.

The killer reportedly surrendered to police because the girl’s spirit had haunted him since her death more than three decades, according to HuffPost.

Ferreira, who was 17 when Jopek was killed, had told the child's mother that the reason why he confessed was that he was being tormented by her daughter's ghost.

Jopek's mum, Carolyn Tousignant told the website: “Jose confessed and it was my daughter ― my daughter haunting him ― that made him.

“He told me, ‘Your daughter’s haunting me,’ and I believe she was.”

Chris Watts

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Chris Watts killed his pregnant partner Shannan and their daughters Bella and Celeste Watts, before dumping the girls' bodies in oil tanks' so he could start a new life with his secret lover.

The evil father was sentenced to five life sentences without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty to the crimes.

While serving his time, Watts told the author of Letters to Christopher, Cherlyn Cadle in 2019 that he believes he has been visited by the spirits of his children Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3 – but he doesn't feel alarmed by the presence of spirits.

He wrote to the writer: "I don't know if this was a spiritual visit, but I had a dream Cece was dancing next to the chair in my cell.

"When she was dancing, all of my folders on the chair started moving and I thought she was in trouble, so I said Watch out, get away, watch out! Then I woke up. I'm hoping she comes back! I hope everyone comes to visit me."

True Crime fans have long since speculated that the 36-year-old is haunted as they claim to have spotted clips of ghostly figures in the documentary, American Murder: The Family Nextdoor.

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