Fake taxi driver was convicted sex predator ‘who stabbed mum to death after pub’

A convicted murderer and rapist has confessed to stabbing a mum-of-one to death after picking her up in a fake taxi – but only after failing a lie-detector test.

Sales manager Alexandra Inshina, 35, vanished after hailing the unofficial cab following a night out at an English pub in Russian city Yekaterinburg.

Her workmates alerted police the next day when she failed to arrive for work.

Police detained Marat Imashev, 49, an ex-convict who had been freed after serving a total of 28 years in jail for crimes including murder, rape, robbery and fraud.

Alexandra – and a male companion who put her in the car at Rosy Jane pub – had no idea about the driver’s criminal history, said police.

Imashev initially denied murder, saying he had dropped the woman at a cafe, but police made him take a polygraph test which he failed.

He then confessed to stabbing her to death, stealing her jewellery to pay for debts of around £2,000.

He dumped her body in nettles some 25 miles from the city.

"The suspect twice returned to the place where he hid the body to make sure that she did not survive," said Sverdlovsk region police spokesman Vitaly Gorelykh.

Her remains were found four days after her disappearance.

After signing his confession, Imashev tried to take his own life stabbing the pen into his neck, said police.

"But the wound was not fatal," said Gorelykh.

A murder case was opened and Imashev is expected to face a life sentence if convicted.

Her work colleague Svetlana said Alexandra was a "successful sales manager" at a car parts plant in Berezovsky.

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She leaves behind her son Yaroslav, who is 10.

"She loved to dance," she said.

"She was always cheerful, companionable, neat, beautiful, well-groomed.

"Alexandra did not particularly talk about her personal life, but she was divorced."

The case follows another recent one in the region in which an ex-convict is suspected of killing a mother who was on a hiking trip.

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