First heatwave of year will leave millions of zombie Brits struggling to sleep

The first heatwave of the year will leave millions of zombie Brits struggling to sleep, because of "uncomfortable” overnight temperatures.

Temperatures will remain in the high teens, keeping folks awake at night if they don't have a trusty fan by the bedside.

The Met Office said: “This could lead to some uncomfortable sleeping conditions as temperatures may not drop below the mid to high teens in the South this weekend.”

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Parts of the country are predicted to be hotter than Marbella, Ibiza and Tenerife as a “plume of warm air” moves in. The mercury is expected to hit 30C tomorrow.

One Brit moaned on Twitter: "No wonder why I get so depressed in the summer, I can’t f*****g sleep in this heat."

Another said: "Can't sleep; heat will eat me."

A third said: "I'm done with this heat, man. Can't get a proper night's sleep also. Lord, time to send those rains, please!"

The Met Office has also issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon in all of Wales, and from Manchester to London.

Meanwhile, a heat health warning from today for the Midlands as well as southern and eastern England has been upgraded to amber by the UK Health Security Agency.

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The impact is “likely to be felt across the whole health service”.

A yellow alert was issued for the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humber regions.

The BBC reported that avoiding napping during the day, not breaking bed time routines, keeping your bedroom cool by drawing blinds during the day and using thin sheets can help with sleeping well at night.

The publication also reported that hilling your socks in the fridge can regulate your overall body temperature.

The report adds of course that staying hydrated is also key.

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