Furious waitress slams male model caught red-handed groping her bum on CCTV

This CCTV catches a male model red-handed when he appears to grope the backside of a waitress while she bends over at a restaurant in Cape Town in South Africa.

In the clip, Reyn Du Preez is seen to touch the woman, who then stands up and appears to exchange words with him before walking away.

Sarah Belgarion, the waitress, said the incident had made her feel "like trash" and shared the footage on Instagram where it has been viewed 160,000 times.

Du Preez has since been sacked from two modelling agencies and issued a grovelling apology.

In the caption with the Instagram post, Sarah wrote: “I was at work (I am currently a waitress) and I happened to be serving this man Reyn Du Preez and this happened.

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"The video says it all, leaving me with little to add. YOU ARE EXPOSED! And caught in the act!

“It BREAKS my heart! I’ve watched it over and over again… feeling more like trash each time. Men of South Africa this happens on a regular basis…what are YOU going to do about it?

“If you see your mate doing this CALL THEM OUT, DON’T wait for them to get physical with women to call them out. Men of SOUTH AFRICA stop touching us inappropriately!

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“To Reyn Du Preez’s friends, I thank you for stopping your friend when he continued to insult and humiliate me after touching me inappropriately, I only hope that more can be done next time [sic].”

After the footage was widely circulated on Instagram, Reyn du Preez issued an apology on Instagram Stories where he said he was “ashamed” of what he did and called it “a moment of bad character under the influence of alcohol”.

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The male model added: “I truly did not mean to belittle her or make her feel violated. I am not here to make any excuses, but to explain my actions and to public apologise [sic].”

German-based modelling agency Modelwerk said they had parted ways with the model in light of the incident.

A statement read: “We have no tolerance for his unacceptable behaviour and condemn it in no uncertain terms.

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"Upon being made aware of his actions yesterday, we terminated his representation with our agency – effective immediately.”

Du Preez’s contract with local agency Boss Models SA has also been terminated.

A statement said: “Boss Models unequivocally condemns the behaviour of Reyn du Preez as displayed in the video that has surfaced on social media.”

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