Germany shooting: Horror footage shows panic on streets in devastating aftermath of attack

Members of the public can be seen frantically making their way past one another as panic in the streets was at a high following the horrific attack. 11 people have been killed following two separate gun attacks at two shisha bars in the German city of Hanau. The death toll was originally reported as eight but several more deaths have been confirmed since the attack. 

The man who is believed to orchestrated the attacks has been found dead at his home. 

Police are currently searching for suspects who fled the scene.

The attacks happened at 10pm local time (9pm GMT).

Both attacks targetted shisha bars in the city of Hanau. 

The first shooting took place at a bar in Hanau’s city centre while the other was in the Kesselstadt neighbourhood, according to local reports.

Polizei Südosthessen, a police station in Offenbach near Frankfurt and Hanau tweeted that a suspect had been found dead.

A tweet translated into English said: “The alleged perpetrator was discovered lifeless at his home address in Hanau.

“Special police officers also discovered another body there.

“The investigation is ongoing.

“There are currently no indications of other perpetrators.”

The motive for the attack is currently unknown. 

The use of guns for private self-defence is restricted in Germany. 

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Access to guns is controlled by the German Weapons Act which adheres to the European Firearms Directive, which was first enacted in 1972. 

The Hanau attack is the second mass shooting in Germany this year – six people were killed and several injured in a shooting in Germany after a man opened fire inside a building in January.

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