Ghislaine Maxwell’s hubby ditched sex trafficking wife for glam yoga teacher

The husband of Ghislaine Maxwell has allegedly "moved on" with a pretty yoga instructor as the former lover of Jeffrey Epstein has been convicted of child sex charges and sex trafficking charges.

As Maxwell, 60, faces a maximum of 65 years in prison, she found out in a "tense phone call" that her husband Scott Borgerson, 46, was seeing someone else.

According to journalist Daphne Barak, the pair – who married secretly in 2016 – the "dramatic" phone call took place before the trial began.

This is despite Borgerson allegedly vowing to stand by Maxwell, offering to put up "millions of pounds" of joint assets as part of her bail plea, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Barak wrote that she was told by a close friend of Maxwell's: "Scott told her he had moved on and was seeing someone else.

"The marriage was past tense there and then. It's over. The marriage was over before the trial started."

Another source told the Mail on Sunday that Borgerson did not attend a single day of his wife's trial.

When Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in 2019 and charged with child sex crimes, Maxwell and Borgerson, a tech CEO, were living together at a beachfront home in Massachusetts, USA.

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But following Epstein's arrest, Maxwell fled the property in order to "protect" her two stepchildren.

The source said: "Once their home had been discovered she left, mostly to protect the children. They were being teased at school. Anyone associated with Ghislaine finds they become toxic.

"When Epstein died the Maxwell family decided to protect their sister from the media and people who might be out to hurt her. She had a lot of death threats. The Maxwells insisted on sending her away but Scott insisted he could protect her if someone tried to invade their property.

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"Scott would fly to see her when she was traveling around."

Maxwell moved from safe house to safe house and hired a former British special forces soldier, Matt Hellier, to guard her.

She purchased a home in New Hampshire for $1 million cash at the beginning of 2020, with Borgerson and his children visiting "most weekends".

"They continued to live as a family. They were happy. Then it all came crashing down," the source continued.

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Another source told the Mail on Sunday that the couple's relationship became "strained" after Epstein committed suicide in August 2019.

"At first Scott stood by her and wrote letters to the court and offered joint assets to try and get Ghislaine out on bail.

"But she has been behind bars for 549 days now. It put a terrible strain on the marriage."

The couple first met in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2013 at the Arctic Circle Assembly, when Maxwell ran 'TerraMar', a website dedicated to articles about the ocean.

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But now, Borgerson has been papped close to his home with new girlfriend Kris McGinn, 49, a writer and yoga teacher.

A friend of Maxwell's said the only hope now is that the divorce will be amicable, adding: "They hope this marriage can be dissolved amicably and quickly."

The source added: "She has been disappointed by several former close friends who have abandoned her. An ex-boyfriend was asked to come forward and talk about the woman he loved, to defend her character in court, and he said 'no way!

"But her siblings remain loyal and united. They believe in her innocence and they believe that one day she will walk free. They have put their own friendships, reputations and business opportunities aside to support their sister.

"They believe she will prevail."

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