Giant ice sculpture unveiled to celebrate overhaul of London’s energy network

A giant ice sculpture larger than a double decker bus has been unveiled in London – to highlight improvements to the city’s energy network.

Renewable electricity provider E.ON revealed the dramatic 16-foot ice sculpture, entitled ‘Cooling the capital’ to coincide with the announcement of a new £4 million zero carbon heating and cooling system.

Coming just ahead of London Climate Action Week and intended to help raise awareness of the zero carbon innovation being installed right below the area, sculptors carved a collection of five key London landmarks into the towering 20-tonne sculpture.

They all sit above a representation of a network of pipes connected to heat pumps, illustrating the energy network which covers more than 10 miles of underground pipes and provides both heating and cooling.

Michael Lewis, E.ON UK CEO, said: “I’d imagine very few of us have stopped to think about the remarkable energy network that exists right here in the City of London.

“But subterranean solutions like our new £4 million heat pumps are crucial in cutting carbon emissions, improving local air quality and helping us reach the nation’s net zero targets.

“Through the technology and team at our Citigen site, we’re recycling the waste heat that’s produced as electricity is generated, as well as drawing up the earth’s natural warmth from 200 metres below the City’s streets.

“We hope our giant ice sculpture will prompt both an awareness and an appreciation for how homes and workplaces are being heated and cooled here, day in and day out.”

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The 4MW of extra heating capacity produced by the new technology is enough to supply 2,300 average UK homes and adds to Citigen’s existing combined heat and power engines, which already produce enough electricity and heating for the equivalent of more than 11,000 homes.

The project forms part of wider efforts by E.ON and the City of London to meet the UK’s net zero targets and contributes to London’s climate plans.

Anyone can visit E.ON’s ‘Cooling the capital’ ice sculpture on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th June, and visitors are invited to share their experience with #CoolingTheCapital @EONEnergyUK .

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