Girl with special needs beaten up by schoolboy in twisted video filmed by pal

This is the shocking moment a teenage boy brutally beats up a girl with special needs – dragging her by her hair and kneeing her in the stomach in a public park during the middle of the day.

Filmed by a friend of the aggressive boy, the shocking incident happened in the town of Kubrat in the north-eastern Bulgarian province of Razgrad.

The teenagers, both 14, attacked the 17-year-old girl for no apparent reason, according to local media.

In the horrifying footage, a terrified girl is seen sitting on a park bench while the bully pulls her hair so hard he jerks her head forwards.

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The terrified girl holds her tender scalp, only for the unsympathetic boy to punch her in the side of the head.

He then tries to tip the bench she is sitting on – prompting her to get to her feet and try to escape.

However, her tormenter then grabs her hair again and hits her and kicks her, dragging her along the floor by her coat while his pal continues to film the disturbing scene.

The video caused outrage online and was reported to the authorities, who are investigating the disturbing incident along with education authorities.

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A police spokesman said that the two boys involved were both 14 years old, while the girl was aged 17.

Dobrinka Dobreva, director of the Centre for Educational Support, told local media: “The girl's health is good, but she has suffered mental trauma.”

Rositsa Hristova, headmaster at Hristo Botev High School, said the victim hadn't reported the incident at the time because she was so frightened.

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