Golden retriever has tragic reaction to owner not petting him on way to toilet

A golden retriever gave his owner a soul-destroying look when she had to ignore him while rushing to the loo.

In the adorable clip uploaded by @gamjamypotato on TikTok, her golden retriever Chip is lying on his bed and wagging his tail when he spots her coming towards him.

He then looks crestfallen when, instead of giving him cuddles, she walks straight past him to go to the toilet.

The guilty owner shares slow-motion footage of the cute dog's face slowly dropping when he realises he is being ignored.

"Got extra pets after," she wrote to reassure viewers in the caption.

Since it was uploaded on Thursday (October 14) the video has been watched more than 2.5 million times and racked up thousands of comments.

One stern user said: "You go apologise right now and give him all the belly rubs."

Another quipped: "I'm an attorney and this is actually illegal you go back and pet her right now."

Similarly, someone else joked: "Excuse me 911, a crime has been committed."

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"This broke my heart and now I'm now I'm going through the seven stages of grief," commented a fourth user.

Chip and his sister Gamja previously went viral after tussling over a dog chew.

The pair proved that sibling rivalries extend to canines with their adorable argument over stick – but it didn't end in tears and the golden retrievers ended up sharing the treat between them after a tug-of-war.

Meanwhile, another golden retriever called Mango had a tantrum when she was put on a diet, as seen in a hilarious video.

The dog's dramatic reaction to her slimmed-down dinner time left viewers in stitches, although some were more sympathetic to her plight.

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