Golden retriever owners dress pets up in Xmas outfits and they are not impressed

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most joyful times of the year. Houses up and down the country transform into winter wonderlands, families (before Covid-19) manage to finally gather together and radios blare out everyone's favourite Christmas anthems.

But, for our four-legged friends, the big day is pretty much the same as any other time of the year.

Dog owners are often seen attempting to bring cheer to their pets by dressing them up in adorable outfits.

Yet, more often than not, the pooches are less than receptive to their temporary attire.

Here, Daily Star gathers together some of our favourite videos of seriously unimpressed golden retrievers clad in their festive outfits.

Goldie rips off sister's 'antlers'

In one clip shared to Instagram, goldies Milo and Macy are seen dressed up in a cute mini Christmas poncho decorated with bell charms.

But the three-year-old Milo seems to prefer a "low-key" Christmas outfit and thinks Macy's reindeer headpiece is a tad "over the top".

Milo decides to take things into his own hands and removes his sister's headband.

He bites on the antlers and drags it down before throwing it on the floor. Bah, Humbug!

Dog 'judges' owner for outfit

For years, humans have happily dressed up as Santa Claus to spread the Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, dogs don't quite seem to enjoy it as much.

Another clip shows Captain, from Tampa, Florida, giving his owner a grumpy, frowning look when they put on a Christmas hat and a big red poncho with a golden bell.

He stands still in front of his house and stares at his owner with a "judgy" expression.

The video was posted on Instagram with a caption: "He knows if you've been bad or good, judgy Santa Paws. Are you on the naughty or nice list?"

Viewers were left in stitches with one saying Captain was staring "real hard" with his straight face.

Another noticed Captain's little feline assistant coming out from the background and added: "The meowsisstant adds so much credibility to judgy Santa."

Sleeping on the job…

It can be exhausting when a dog has to take up two jobs during festive seasons. At least, that seems to be the case with two-year-old Sammy who was so fed up with his Christmas outfit she decided to fall asleep.

Hilarious footage shared on TikTok shows Sammy, from Arizona, US, wearing a pair of glasses decorated with some colourful lights along the frame.

He even sports a Christmas hat and a full white beard.

But the pooch appears not to be in the mood for Christmas and instead, he takes a day off and goes for a snooze.

Sammy's mum managed to capture the hilarious scenes on camera and captioned the video: "Sleeping on the job."

Pooch unhappy at being wrapped up

When it comes to wrapping Christmas gifts, one adorable pooch couldn't resist helping out his owner by turning himself into a present.

But one-year-old Riley quickly regretted his decision when his owner decided to pop a ribbon on his head.

In the video posted to TikTok, the dog lies down on top of the silver wrapping paper and lets his mum tape it around his body.

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  • For the finishing touch to his Christmas outfit, the owner places a matching gift bow on the pooch's head.

    But Riley clearly feels he does not suit the bow and quickly tears it down.

    In the caption, his owner explained: "He knows just to put up with me now. He wasn't happy with the bow though, that was one step too far."

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