Google Maps user spots huge cornfield maze believed to be giant ‘crop circle’

A Google Maps user was facinated by a huge maze in a cornfield – but others believe it could be one of the biggest 'crop circles' ever recorded.

The sight spotted in an aerial view of Andelin Family Farm in Sparks, Nevada shows the pumpkin patch's famous cornfield maze attraction.

However, not everyone is convinced that's its true origin – and with the maze being close to Area 51 – it can be easy to assume why.

The user posted their findings on Reddit with the caption: "The corn maze at Andelin Family Farm on Google Maps."

Others replied with comments like: "Best crop circle I've seen in a minute."

Another added: "Very cool to see it from aerial imaging. If you are looking from the main complex, look to the east of the Pyramid. The image is shifted 90 degrees."

A crop circle, crop formation, or corn circle is a pattern created by flattening a crop that is commonly associated with alien encounters.

Andelin Family Farm their 5-acre corn maze is 'fun for all ages' and changes theme every year as they bring tourists to their farm for the pumpkin patch as harvest season comes, along with Halloween.

They charge $7/per person when purchased online or $9 per person when purchased at the farm. Babies 2 years old and under are free.

They have safety warnings against running, smoking and pets within the maze – but also for weapons – because… America.

However, some who had visited the maze before described it as 'disappointing.'

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One user said: "Probably going to catch hate but the one time I went I was extremely disappointed. Overpriced and the lines were atrocious. I was there for like 3-4 hours for 4 attractions freezing my a** off."

The news comes following a UFO sighting close to the US's notoriously secretive military base Area 51.

The small grey and white object are seen to the east as it flies high in a clear blue sky in Tahoe City, California.

The is just over 300 miles from Area 51's location in Nevada – which by American standards – is pretty close.

Tahoe City is located just 56 miles from the corn maze.

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