Greece fires live map: Where are the fires in Greece? 56 active fires as temperatures SOAR

Greece heatwave: Wildfires leave areas scorched in Rhodes

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Thousands have had to flee from wildfires tearing across parts of Greece. The fires are burning out of control just north of Athens. Wildfires are now burning for a fifth day in Greece.

The severity of the fires has been attributed to the worst heatwave the country has experienced for decades.

Greece has been hit with its worst heatwave in three decades as temperatures rose to 45C.

The fires have been further fanned by strong unpredictable winds.

Where are the fires?

The emergency services are fighting 56 active fires in Greece.

The worst blazes are currently affecting the area just north of Athens.

Fires are also raging on the nearby island of Evia and areas close to ancient Olympia.

Hundreds have had to be evacuated by sea from the Evia yesterday.

The Greek coastguard said 668 people had been evacuated from beaches in northeast Evia by early Friday afternoon. 

The blaze had cut off all other means of escape for the islanders.

So far two people have been killed and at least 20 injured as fires continue to spread across the country.

Civil Protection chief Nikos Hardalias said: “We continue our effort hour by hour to tackle the multiple fires we face today, conditions are exceptionally dangerous.”

Fires have also swept through the southern and western coast of Turkey where at least eight people were killed.

The Greek authorities have warned of further fires to come as six areas have been put on high alert.

Wildfires are burning into their tenth day in Turkey but, the worst of the blazes now appears to be targeting Greece. 

Hundreds of Turkish volunteers have been helping to contain the blazes battering their country.

Support from France, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland in the form of extra firefighters, water-dropping planes, helicopters and emergency vehicles are due to arrive today.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said climate change is behind the severity of the fires.

He said: “If there are even few people who have reservations about whether climate change is real, I call on them to come here and see.”

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