Hero dog dies saving family from elephant on international dog day

A brave dog sacrificed his life to save his family from a raging wild elephant after it broke through the fence of their property.

Loyal Tommy was at home with his five-member family at Kanthalloor in Idukki district of Kerala, India when an elephant got stuck in a barbed-wire fence while trying to enter the property of Tommy's owner Soman.

Eventually, the giant animal broke the fence and charged towards where Soman, wife Lithia and children Abhilash, Amrita and Valsamma were inside.

But before the elephant had a chance to reach them, Tommy had already freed himself from his leash and taken on the elephant, biting the leg of the larger animal.

However, the bite sent the elephant further into fury, and it tried to suffocate the dog with it's trunk while stabbing it's sharp tusks into the dog’s stomach.

Tommy managed to scratch the elephant’s eye amid agonising pain which stunned the beast and forced him to let him go.

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The hero dog held on to life despite his grievous injuries the next day.

His death took place on International Dog Day, a day which is observed to appreciate the canine companions in our lives, Tommy reminds us that dogs are humans’ best friends indeed.

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In other dog news, a gang of four axe-wielding thugs smashed their way into a terrified couple's flat at 4am to steal their beloved pocket bully puppy.

Callum Borg and his partner Jessica Glover, both 24, were asleep in their Walkden, Greater Manchester flat along with their two-year-old son when they say they heard a smashing sound at 4.20am this morning.

Callum was greeted by a gang of four men armed with machetes and axes and saw the men make off with his ten-week-old dog Skylar.

The search for the pup is ongoing.

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