Horrified French widower discovers three dead babies hidden around home after wife’s death

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An unidentified male was sorting through his home and belongings following the sudden death of his wife before alerting officers to join him at the scene.

After the initial macabre discovery of a child’s body in a locked cabinet, the 41-year-old male alerted police who uncovered the additional remains.

One set of decaying remains was uncovered by the unidentified male, while the further two sets of remains were discovered by police in a different part of the property.

Officers also located two kitchen knives in a shed at the family house near Le Mans on Monday.

The childless couple shared the property in Mezeray, near the French city where the gruesome discovery was made.

According to BFMTV, the remains’ advanced state of decomposition may make it impossible to determine whether the remains are those of newborns, infants, or foetuses.

Currently it is unclear if they are linked to the man and his spouse.

On Tuesday, a public prosecutor announced that an investigation has been opened following the events, to determine what really happened.

Autopsies have also been ordered to determine cause of death for each of the remains.

They will also help uncover the identity of the children’s parents, the prosecution said, as presently no hypothesis has been ruled out at this stage.

BFM TV, a French news and weather channel, reported that the first set of remains were located in a locked cabinet in a garage which had to be forced open.

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The other two sets of remains, which do not appear to date from the same period, were found in “a locked cabinet, in a shed away from the house”.

Investigators carried out technical examinations on site where the three bodies were found in plastic bags, and wrapped in clothing.

The unidentified male and several relatives were interrogated by the police over the discovery, which occurred following the death of the man’s 44-year-old wife.

The man’s wife died suddenly after a battle with cancer, which resulted in him clearing out the property where the discovery was made.

Despite the couple being childless, RTL, a German News website, reported that the woman had two children from a previous relationship.

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