Horror injuries of shark attack victim who had leg ripped clean off by beast

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A shark attack victim told how his leg was bitten clean off by one of the beasts during a surfing trip with his brother and a mate.

Zac Golebiowski was just 15 years old when he was attacked by a shark at Wharton Beach, Esperance on Australia's south coast.

But despite losing a leg in the horrific ordeal, brave Zac feels fortunate to have survived after the quick and decisive actions of his brothers and strangers on the beach saved his life.

He said: "It came from the side and it felt like what you'd imagine a big king hit to be like. A very big strike.

"It was a full-on horizontal attack in water that was only just head height.

"The shark bit (off) my leg and the forced of the bite took me down, pulled me under. It took me under and let go.

"I came straight back up and called for help."

Zac also feels fortunate that the attack, which happened in December 2006, was committed by a baby shark, while fortunately the point of impact missed his major arteries.

He said: "If it had been bigger it would have bitten me in half.

"A big shark in full on hunting mode, it would have been carnage. (My brother) said it circled a couple of times.

"It could have attacked two more people but didn't. Any higher up my leg and it would have got (major) arteries."

In 2020 there were 10 fatal shark attacks worldwide, with six of those coming in Australian waters.

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The number of unprovoked shark bites and encounters in Australia was slightly above average, with 18 incidents recorded compared to the average of the last five years of 16.

Despite his horrifying ordeal, which has seen him fitted with a prosthetic leg, Zac still feels drawn in by the ocean.

While he is no longer able to stand on a surfboard, he now uses a boogie board to lie on and enjoy the waves.

Zac added: "It's generally pretty good.

"I just thing about the chances of a shark coming back and attacking a person again – it is never going to happen."

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