House left in complete ruins after ‘worst builder’ rips out extension in pay row

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A detached house on a posh suburban road has been left looking like a bomb site after workers packed up.

The home owner currently away on holiday, has blasted his estranged builder as 'the worst' for walking out on the job in a feud over money.

With no roof and rubble piled up across the drive way, the family house has become an uninhabitable eyesore, on a street in Leicester where average values are more than £540,000.

The 40-year-old owner of the house on Guilford Road in Stoneygate has told LeicestershireLive how his builder decided to undo all the work he'd done on building a two storey extension after a row about payment.

The owner who bought the house last year, said: "I bought the house last year. The builder started in February and we wanted lots of work done so it could become our family home for six of us.

"We wanted a two-storey extension, a new roof, new wiring and for it to be more environmentally-friendly.

"Unfortunately I picked the worst builder."

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He said that after refusing to pay the builder £3,500 the builder left the building in its current state and the scaffolding was then retrieved by the scaffolding company.

The owner said: "I had gone on holiday and was 200 miles when it all happened on Tuesday.

"I've contacted the police, who said it was a dispute and not a criminal case, and I've emailed Trading Standards. I'm still on holiday so it's difficult to sort out from here."

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A neighbour told LeicestershireLive the building work had left the street a mess.

They said: "The work had been going on and there was scaffolding up and it all had planning permission.

"Then people noticed the builders starting to remove things and demolish the work that had been done.

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"The neighbours are really upset with how it looks and the fact it has also ruined the pavement."

The owner told LeicestershireLive he would contact Leicester City Council about the pavement when he returned to Leicester.

Social media users appear to have overwhelmingly sided with the builder in the conflict, showing little sympathy for the home owner.

One furious Leicestershire Live reader commented: "Load of rubbish from owner . Clearly if you are 200 miles away a payment can be transferred in to account instantly .

"Too many dreamers thinking they can get work done for peanuts then don’t even want to pay in peanuts .

"Well done to builder for taking their unpaid materials back, I think they should had gone further and collected all the rubbish and brought it back to site.

"Teach these type of householders a good lesson so they think carefully before instructing someone to do work thinking they can get it done for free !"

Another wrote: "If you can afford to go on holiday you can afford to pay ya tradesmen. No sympathy."

"Builder with Guts…. good on you mate," one reader praised.

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