House of horrors unrecognisable after six-man crew spent 50 hours cleaning it

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A disgusting house of horrors was totally transformed after a six-person crew blasted it in a 50-hour clean.

Before-and-after snaps show the huge difference the clean made, as the house had been filled with dirt, grime, and massive piles of rubbish that had been hoarded by the 80-year-old owner, who had let the house deteriorate after the death of his wife.

However, after the immense cleaning job, every room of the home in Dalton, Cumbria, was left spotless – and now the house has been returned to its former glory and better, thanks to Emma-lea Dalton and her crew at My Kind of Clean.

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The brave team had to wear protective overalls and masks before entering the home because of the sheer amount of dirt.

They started by clearing out all the rubbish, which filled two large skips, before scrubbing the grime and grit from each room in the property.

Dalton said: "As a cleaning company we see a variety of different situations but this is definitely at the extreme end.

"It's definitely one of the worst situations I have encountered.

"My cleaners are all very professional, they rolled their sleeves up and got the job done."

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The bathroom was in dire need of a plumbing revamp, but until the massive cleaning job was complete, no one was able to enter the room to complete the work.

The kitchen had also been left in a shocking state thanks to the years of built-up dirt.

Before launching head-first into the multi-day job, Dalton's team visited the property to create what she called a "meticulous" plan.

She said: "The owner had hoarded lots of things over the years, most of which was rubbish we could throw away."

"I think the place had been degenerating for some years after the death of the owner's wife," she added.

"It's very sad that it got to this point but luckily the man's friends reached out to us and asked for help, otherwise he would still be living in conditions like that."

The homeowner, who remained anonymous, said he was "very happy" with the transformation of his home.

And though the house looked pretty grimy before, it didn't even inherit the title of Britain's dirtiest – that title goes to an abandoned home in Plymouth, filled with mould and dirt.

The interior of the property is covered with a layer of rubbish, old letters, and newspapers littering the floor, while the entrance was cluttered with trash and bits of furniture.

The interior paints created an even more dramatic picture, with a layer of rubbish, old letters and newspapers littering the floor, while the entrance is cluttered with trash and bits of furniture

The home was purchased by an unfortunate property company after the owner sold up and left them to clear up the mess.

It is presumed that it had originally been a family home owned by an elderly couple and their son.

It appears that both parents passed away and the son, who was left the house, was unable to cope with its upkeep.

The three-bedroom semi-detached property was listed with Auction House Devon and Cornwall and was auctioned off in November last year.


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