Huge snake eats frog whole while hanging from family’s home – for 7 days

A nightmarish video shows a snake dangling from the wall of a family's home while eating an entire frog whole.

In the clip, filmed in Australia by mum-of-three Kylie Baker in Australia, the acid green animal hangs from an outside wall while wrapping its head around the corpse of a frog.

The tree snake had caught the frog from a fence post and, as shown in the gruesome footage, manages to stretch its flexible head around the body and swallow it in one giant gulp.

Kylie and her family gathered around to watch the snake, which she recorded at her Fraser Coast home in Queensland on December 21.

In the background, Kylie's husband warns the excited kids not to touch the snake.

The mum told Daily Mail Australia her husband got the "fright of his life" when he nipped out to use the hosepipe and found the serpent hanging out in the brickwork of his property.

She said: "He called me and the girls out to see the snake, which had its head down at the gate post before it pulled out a frog.

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"It proceeded to do what he did.

"It's amazing to see, the frog was as big as he was but he still managed to get it in."

Kylie said the gruesome but fascinating sight was a "great learning experience" for her three daughters, aged eight, four and three years old.

The snake stayed at their home for another week, and one time Kylie heard a frog make a "horrible noise" and discovered it was another victim of the hungry reptile.

When it ran out of frogs to eat, the snake eventually moved on.

"He's cleaned up all of the frogs, there's not one left," Kylie said.

She said it was "sad" to no longer see frogs in the garden, but it was "just nature" running its course for the snake to hunt and kill them.

This comes after a woman was terrified when she raked her leaves in her garden only to poke one of the world's most dangerous snakes which was perfectly camouflaged.

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