Huge tower block fire caught on video as inferno rips through building

A terrifying video shows a skyscraper home to hundreds of people in China getting incinerated by fire.

In the clip, recorded on Friday, August 27, the tower block is engulfed by flames all the way from the ground floor to the top.

Flaming debris which might be cladding is tumbling to the ground as fire crews attempt to douse the flames with water.

Outside on the ground, hundreds of people are gathered and watch the fire in shock as sirens blare in the background.

It's not clear if they are residents watching their homes go up in flames or spectators.

An image shared from the scene shows a brave firefighter on the roof of the burning building with a hose, spraying a jet of water into the flames.

The high-rise building is located in Dalian, northeastern China, and houses 818 people in 419 flats, according to

Chinese authorities said there have been no deaths but it believed the fire is yet to be brought under control.

According to local media, the fire started in one of the flats of The Kaixuan International Building and the owner went to get help when they noticed the flames.

When they returned, the apartment was already full of dense smoke and so the authorities were called.

This comes after a town in England was evacuated on Friday when a chemical plant caught fire.

Scary footage from the scene in Leamington Spa shows a column of smoke in the sky after a blaze was sparked at an adhesive manufacturer, with one person missing.

Warwickshire Police confirmed in a statement: "Officers remain at the scene of the fire on Juno Drive in Leamington.

"One person currently remains unaccounted for, emergency services are working hard to locate them."

Warwickshire Fire Service has sent multiple fire engines to combat the blaze.

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