Hundreds of monkeys lured into cages and castrated after invading city

Hundreds of monkeys have been castrated after invading a city in a hunt for food.

The animals were lured into traps and tranquillised after becoming a nuisance in Songkhla, southern Thailand.

They had originally relied on tourists as their source of food, but visits have dried up in the wake of coronavirus restrictions.

Officials plan to castrate 200 of the animals in Songkhla along with dozens of others in Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat, The Thaiger reports.

They have attacked locals in Songkhla and even took over a home after the family went away on holiday.

Last month, a troop of marauding monkeys tore through a town in Malaysia and terrified its residents.

The long-tailed macaques have become at nuisance a the N’Dira Residences in Puchong.

The primates live in a forested area next to the neighbourhood and have begun entering the compound.

Resident Justin Chin, 30, told The Malaysian Star: “Before last month, they rarely entered the housing area, which opened for occupancy two years ago.

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“The monkeys often create a mess by going through the rubbish and have entered a few houses and damaged many cars.

“The residents are afraid of leaving their doors and windows open."

Mum-of-two Hai Tran, 38, said an adult monkey had tried to make off with her three-year-old toddler – while he was inside their house.

She said: “I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard my son scream and saw the monkey reach out towards my son.

“Thankfully, I have a mesh gate that prevented it from grabbing my son.”

Other locals said the monkeys had stolen food from their prayer altars and invaded their homes, looking for any food they could get their hands on.

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