Influencer becomes second to die after downing potent drink in viral challenge

A Chinese influencer has become the second to die after live-streaming a dangerous drinking challenge online.

Zhong Yuan Huang Ge, 27, who was known to his followers as Brother Huang, died from excessive consumption of alcohol on June 2.

His death reportedly followed a video he shared online of himself knocking back baijiu, a colourless Chinese liquor that is usually between 30-60% alcohol.

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In the clip, which gained 176,000 views, he was also seen lighting tissue paper soaked in alcohol.

The influencer also filmed another clip, which he shared to Douyin (TikTok), which showed a stack of empty bottles of booze.

His death was later confirmed by his wife, Ms Li, on Chinese media outlet Jimu News, who said he was trying to earn money to repay his debts.

Li told reporters that she would work for the rest of her life to pay of her husband of eight years' debts.

The couple share a son, who is about to start nursery, and had just had a new house built this year.

The news follows the death of 34-year-old social media star Wang Moufeng who was found dead just hours after downing seven bottles of high-strength alcohol for a live stream stunt.

The content creator was reportedly found dead 12 hours later by his family.

He filmed himself taking part in a contest with another influencer on May 16, downing the same liquor as Huang.

Shangyou News reports that Sanqiangeor had been taking part in an online challenge called PK which sees influencers battling out to win gifts and rewards from viewers.

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The loser needs to complete punishments and in this case, it is believed the punishment was drinking Baijiu.

A friend called Zhao, told Shangyou News: “I don’t know how much he had consumed before I tuned in. But in the latter part of the video, I saw him finish three bottles before starting on a fourth.

“The PK games ended at around 1 a.m. and by 1 p.m. When his family found him, he was already gone, he didn’t even get a chance for emergency treatment."

Zhao described his friend as a "decent and straightforward" person and said he regularly shared videos of himself taking part in similar booze-based challenges.

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