Inside abandoned house that’s remained frozen in time since its owners died

An eerie abandoned house remains frozen in time after its elderly owner died in 15 years ago.

The detached property in north Wales may have been lived in for the first six years of the 21st century but the crumbling decor looks untouched for several decades.

Nature appears to be reclaiming the building's external walls while dust gathers on the inside, since the passing of Mr and Mrs Taylor, in 2006 and 1997, who once called it home.

Peeling wallpaper overlooks filthy carpets littered with years of debris in each room where even the television which is probably most modern technology around, looks like an antique.

Urban explorers entered the building to photograph its decaying condition.

A lonely piano and worn away songbooks is a reminder of the home being once filled with music and singing as Mr Taylor was a music teacher.

Damp-stained shirts hang in a wardrobe and a stack of newspapers lie on the bed, some over 50 years old.

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Meanwhile, the dregs of two cups of tea remain on a tray table in the living room, as though someone had simply popped out to shops one day and never returned.

The house had been a target for thieves and intruders, although security has since been upped at the abode which was left with no heirs as the couple died without having children.

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After the wife died in 1997, her widower husband spent almost another 10 years completely alone.

Manchester-based photographer No Limits Urbex took these photos and called them "an eerie reminder of how short life can be."

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According to Wales Online, the music teacher of 30 years took early retirement to care for his sick wife but continued to give lessons at home.

Sadly, after the woman passed away, her husband fell into depression and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease before his death in 2006.

The kitchen, while cluttered and messy, still looks frozen in time and with no children to leave it to, the home has been left to slowly rot away.

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