Inside collapsing remains of abandoned children’s home built in the 1800s

An urban explorer shared eerie images from inside a collapsing building that was once a children's home.

'Exploring with Jake' posted images showing the collapsed roof of the Belmont Care home from the air before going inside for a more harrowing view.

Rubble can be seen scattered all over the floor with a chandelier hanging by a thread from the ceiling.

The staircase has also been completely destroyed by vandals who tore down wallpaper and spray-painted tags on the wall.

Giving a brief history of the building, Jake wrote: "The old abandoned Belmont care home Cheadle Stockport In a very bad way after vandals set fire to this building

"Originally built in the 1800s and adapted in 1864 by the architect Alfred Waterhouse, this house was the residence of the Milne family who was the owners of a department store in Manchester named Kendal Milne now the House of Fraser.

"The house was purchased in 1920 for £5700 by a charity named the Together Trust and at the time of purchase came with a 22-acre estate.

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"The house was adapted to accommodate 40 children and used as a children's home by the charity until 1983.

"In its early days as a children's home, many children were brought from the slums of Manchester having never seen the countryside before.

"It was sold again in 1983 and converted into a care home.

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"The care home closed in 2017 after being placed into special measures by the care quality commission."

Fans of Exploring with Jake were saddened by the state of the crumbling building that has become more derelict than others that have been abandoned for much longer.

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One user said: "What a shame it was a beautiful house. Went inside when we were looking for a care home for my father in law. The staircase was amazing. So sad it's gone to waste."

Another wrote: "An amazing place. I suppose it'll be torn down. Sad state, when stupid vandals, do such stupid things. Great place and story."

A third said: "What a beautiful house such a shame it has been left to rot sad to think it will now be pulled down.

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"It won't be long until a new housing development will be in its place seeing this happened so many times and not be part of Stockport history removed."

A fourth said: "Too bad there are people that just can't grasp the meaning of right or wrong. WHY??? Does empty mean destroy and vandalized?"

A fifth commented: "What a shame! Why do people destroy beautiful buildings? So sad."

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