Inside eerie abandoned mortuary left to decay for years found by urban explorers

A couple has shared hauntingly fascinating images of an abandoned mortuary that has been left to decay for years.

The urban explorers, known as the Urbex Couple on Facebook, shared the chilling images on their page that show the crumbling building that still contains items from its former days.

The morbid scenes show paint crumbling from the walls around storage that would once be used to contain the deceased.

It is unclear how long the building has been left abandoned but judging by the level of decay and dampness of the walls, it has clearly been years.

The slab where the forensic pathologist would examine the bodies was still intact with substances, instructions and forms were still left on the bench.

In one of the images, there is a bottle of Methyl Methacrylate – which is a polymer used for DNA extraction.

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There was also a booklet of information on signs to look out for when examining the dead – with diagrams of feet and forms to fill in.

Body bags have also been left laid out across the ground – who knows who the poor soul was who was last in them?

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The adventurers didn't skip out on the photo opportunity of lying on the slabs themselves which Becky said felt "eerie for sure, laying on that slab was a bit horrible, however, I am a bit morbid."

Naturally, the followers of the post demanded to know the location of the building but the couple has decided to not make the information public in order to preserve it.

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However, their likes seemed to love the morbid sight regardless as one commenter said: "Omg that would freak me out."

Another added: "Terryfing just to see."

"Omg! Escape!" another wrote.

The couple said this was their "first abandoned mortuary" in a post to their 897 followers.

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