Inside ‘eerie and untouched’ McDonald’s frozen in time from the 1980s

Urban explorers have combed through the ruins of a long-abandoned McDonald’s restaurant. YouTuber Triangle Of Mass ignited nostalgia for millions of viewers after peering into the building, which they claim was abandoned in 2007. Pictures from their brief excursion reveal a 1980s interior, complete with a host of treasures that delighted fans of the fast food chain.

In their 10-minute video, Triangle Of Mass briefly shows viewers the dilapidated exterior of the restaurant.

While the building is intact, the painted exterior is chipping away and covered in graffiti.

Untrimmed bushes are seen growing wild before the camera pans indoors, revealing a haunting interior.

People can see a stark change from the outside, as the interior is nearly untouched.


The dim light from Triangle Of Mass’ camera first shows a dozen faded red chairs sitting in the darkness, with similar tables covered in a thick layer of dust.

The US-based YouTuber found a near-pristine kitchen as he ventured further inside, with labels of classic McDonald’s products scattered over the tiled floors.

In one corner of the restaurant, viewers can see several CRT TV’s attached to the wall via adjustable fixtures.

One viewer said they remembered “the little TVs”, while another said they wished the fast-food restaurant and other chains had “stayed like this”.

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Triangle Of Mass was amazed by the find and commented on the potentially decades of memories the outlet would have seen.

He said: “Inside was insane just to think all that’s left there over the years collecting dust.

“To think people used to work there and eat there and the memories shared here at this McDonald’s once is just crazy to me!”

Several others had other thoughts, with many sharing their remarks on the abandoned chain’s toilets.

One viewer said: “For an abandoned McD that’s stuck in the ’90s and closed in 2007, it has a cleaner bathroom than some McD’s still running today.”

Another quipped: “I wish he would’ve tried the hand dryer in the bathroom to see if it still worked haha.”

Not everyone was overcome with nostalgia at the sight, with some commenters saddened by the abandoned building.

One said: “The whole place looks sombre and melancholic than just scary. It’s that feeling when you walk across abandoned buildings, you start to imagine how alive it was back in the day.”

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