ISIS bride Shamima Begum wearing jeans in tent with TV, heater and fairy lights

Former British citizen Shamima Begum has been spotted wearing new clothes and living in a tent with a TV, fairy lights, and a heater.

The 20-year-old – permanently banished after joining terror group ISIS – was interviewed by ABC News Live in her relatively cushy home in Roj refugee camp in northeast Syria.

While other refugee camps are often cold, overcrowded, damp and dirty, Begum and her roommate – US-Canadian ISIS bride Kimberly Polman – are living a seemingly comfortable life and even managed to decorate their tent for Valentine's Day.

In the clip, Begum is seen wearing light blue jeans, bright pink headscarf, and has a new nose piercing, in stark contrast to her earlier appearances in a black chador.

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The tent she shares with Polman has a grainy satellite television, a gas heater and teapot, fairy lights, heart-shaped cushions, a pillow with "love" embroidered on it, as well as a cushion emblazoned with the US flag.

Polman said: "We're preparing for Valentine's day.

"We're baking a cake tonight, and some of the other women are coming around for coffee. You've got to try and stay sane."

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Begum, who admitted she is relieved to be living in a safer and more comfortable camp, has bemoaned how she was told she was stripped of her citizenship.

She told ABC News: "When my citizenship got rejected, I felt like my whole world fell apart right in front of me.

"I wasn't even told by a government official. I had to be told by journalists."

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The ISIS bride also claimed the reason behind the notorious ITV interview in which she said beheadings didn't "faze" her was a fear for her newborn son's life in her previous camp.

She said: "I had just come into the camp. I had just given birth.

"I was hearing all these stories about women threatening other women, you know, folk uncovering their faces or speaking to men or doing interviews or anything like that. I just was afraid for my life."

However, the Home Office apparently considered Begum a risk despite her protestations she was "just a housewife" in the caliphate and the ISIS bride has now lost the first stage of her legal battle to overturn its decision.

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