‘Jealous’ husband of sex coach, 25, confesses to throwing her body off high-rise

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The jealous husband of a Russian sex coach calmly confessed to repeatedly stabbing her before throwing her body 130ft from a high rise building.

When giving himself up to police, Rustam Mursalov, 24, explained how he had laid in wait for his wife after dropping off their two children to relatives. He stabbed her multiple times, before ejecting her body from the balcony.

Described in reports as appearing "emotionless" before issuing his confession, the personal fitness trainer told his interrogators how he knifed mother-of-two Alexandra Mursalova, 25, in the neck and head.

He said: “I put the knife in my pocket, went to the balcony, to wait for her there”

“Then I took out the knife, stabbed her around 10 times. After that I threw her from the 13th floor. Then I ran away.”

After he was detained, Mursalov was asked if he pleaded guilty to murdering his wife.

“Yes,” he replied.

Friends interviewed by the Russian media say he had developed “unreasonable jealousy” after she made a successful business offering sex advice to wealthy people in St Petersburg.

One friend called Yaroslavl said: “Many times I tried to convince him that this is nonsense.

“I told him: ‘You just need to be happy for your wife and support her’.”

He said: "For the past month, he was wildly worried that Sasha (Alexandra) began to earn more than him.

“Rustam was afraid that she would not need him, and would find someone richer.”

He was “insanely afraid” of losing her.

Another family friend Georgy said that the “hot-blooded” husband did not like his wife’s explicit social media in which she offered advice as a sex therapist.

“When she began to publicly talk about sex to everyone, it only embarrassed him,” he said.

She had boasted that she could “teach people to love – I see the problem in 15 minutes. I solve everything in four sessions.”

Recently she also documented online the spiralling troubles in her marital relationship, including a threat by her husband to kill her and their two daughters aged seven and two.

“I gathered the children and changed flats, but since then he comes every night, knocks on the door, calls the intercom, wakes us up and scares the kids."

It was not immediately clear if she had sought police protection.

Yet despite a succession of threats which led her to take her daughters to live apart from him, she also told her subscribers she knew how to cope, and wanted to leave Russia to move to Europe.

She posted: "Remember I told you the rules of what to do with an abuser-manipulator:"

“1. Make a clear border, how he can and how he can not treat you.

“2. When he doesn't meet the conditions, you go away and ignore him."

“Do not communicate with the abuser, he loves this. This is the goal of his performance."

She wrote despairingly: “I love my husband, but I'm not ready to give up my desires and dreams."

In another post she said: "Is there any exit?

“Now I believe I must move to Europe.

The Russian Investigative Committee is probing the suspected murder.

A court ruled to remand Mursalov in custody for two months, pending further investigations into the suspected murder.

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