Jewish General Hospital ready to quarantine possible COVID-19 cases in Quebec

As of Monday evening, Quebec has 17 possible cases of COVID-19, according to public health officials.

The province’s only confirmed case, a woman who recently travelled to Iran, is currently in isolation at home.

Many departments have also undergone simulations should possible cases of the virus present itself at the hospital. The exercises let staff work through the complexity of the treatments, identify potential issues and tweak protocols, if need be.

As new information becomes available, officials are making sure to adjust protocols and screening techniques to make sure no one slips through the cracks.

“What we’re trying so much to do with this whole exercise is to prevent transmission of this virus into the population,” said Dr. Miner.

Health officials recommend anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms who have recently travelled to call 8-1-1, where a nurse will assess your condition.

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