Kabul attack death toll rises to 35 as university students protest

Afghanistan has marked a day of mourning as the death toll from an attack on Kabul University has risen to at least 35.

Gunmen barged into the university on Monday, in what was the second attack on an educational institution in the capital in just over a week.

Both have been claimed by Islamic State.

Most of those who were killed were students and around 50 more people were wounded, some breaking limbs while jumping from windows to flee from the attack during morning classes.

Officially the death toll stands at 22 with 27 wounded, according to the interior ministry, but government sources said the figure was at least 35.

Around 100 students gathered outside the university to protest that peace talks with the insurgent Taliban were not leading to a reduction in violence.

“Although we see these kinds of attacks on a daily basis, there are still ongoing peace talks with them, which is really
terrible,” said one protesting student, Zaryab Paryani.

The Taliban has denied any part in the attack, which follows a blast last month – also claimed by Islamic State – that killed dozens of students at a tutoring centre.

But some Afghan government officials, including First Vice President Amrullah Saleh, have accused the Taliban of

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid accused the government of “taking (the) public for fools”.

Negotiators from the Afghan government and the Taliban are holding talks in Doha with the aim of brokering a peace deal as the United States withdraws troops.

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