Killer cop nicknamed ‘The Rapist’ by colleagues before Sarah Everard murder

The Metropolitan Police face further questions about killer cop Wayne Couzens after it emerged that his own colleagues had nicknamed him “The Rapist”.

Couzens, 48, who kidnapped, raped and killed Sarah Everard in March, was told today that he’ll die behind bars for the crime that shocked the nation.

But questions remain about why he was allowed to remain on duty with the Met despite warnings he had recently flashed two other women.

The Old Bailey heard that Couzens’ colleagues also knew he was "attracted to violent sexual pornography".

An allegation was made that Couzens exposed himself in a McDonald’s restaurant in London just three days before he killed marketing executive Sarah, and there had been a further allegation of indecent exposure made in Kent in 2015.

Despite those claims, Couzens continued to be a serving member of the Metropolitan Police Force.

Three police officers are being investigated for gross misconduct over the allegations.

The sick killer had originally been nicknamed “The Rapist” in his former job at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary because women found him creepy, but it wasn’t enough to prevent him joining the Met.

Couzens then didn’t complete the full two years of his probationary period in the Met, and he wasn’t subjected to enhanced vetting when he joined the Met’s parliamentary and diplomatic protection unit early last year.

His former employer faced further public criticism following the murder after what many saw as an over-the-top crackdown on a vigil for Sarah and a protest over women’s safety.

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Ahead of his sentencing at the Old Bailey today, Couzens’s lawyer told the court that the evil policeman had not meant to murder Sarah, 33, and that there was no proof her death had been premediated.

Jim Sturman QC also told the sentencing hearing that Couzens – who has since been sacked by the Met – was "full of self-loathing and abject shame".

But even the killer’s lawyer admitted that his wicked client should be locked up for a long time: “What he has done is terrible. He deserves a very lengthy finite term but he did all he could after he was arrested to minimise the wicked harm that he did.”

Daily Star Online has contacted the Met Police for comment.

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